If you want a reason to shop online, you will be surprised to see that the list never ends. What can we say, there are many trusted websites and safe practices. But if you are concerned about your safety, you should read the following:


Use Trusted Websites

You better shop with trusted and familiar websites. Shopping with a search engine can be the worst thing you can do. If you know the website well, there is hardly any instance that it will rip you off, See the big giants, you can see them doing everything under the sun.

Also, you have to check for misspellings or website using familiar names with those of industry giants. These remain the oldest trick in book. These websites may have the best offers in town, but remember they are fake and they just want to get your confidential information.

Find SSL Encryption

When it comes to pay, never proceed with a website that doesn’t have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. The best way to find it out is checking the URL, if it starts with HTTPS:// instead of HTTP://. There is an icon of locked padlock that will soon appear on the screen, where it shows up depends on the website and your browser to be honest.  One more thing, never give your credit card info to anyone over email.

Double Check Statements

Never wait for the bill to show up at the end of month. You should go online and check on a regular routine. Also, look at the electronic statement of your credit card. Check for fraudulent charges. Yes, you have to be cautious with trusted platforms like Paypal.

If you find something, you should call the company right away. You have a maximum of 30 days to inform your bank of any problem. So don’t fool around.

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