Are you looking forward for Travelling to Japan? That’s a great notion but before you show up, there are a few important facts you should know. Following, we are going to explain some popular facts. Following, we are going to describe each point and help you get over it during your travel.


Appreciate the Food

The Japanese are notorious for their foods. So if you are Travelling to Japan for the first time, you need to say Oishii right after a meal. The meaning of this word is delicious and people love to hear it. This is showing appreciation to the chef and staff for making your day with wonderful food.

Coins with Holes

Changing currency before you hit the streets is a smart move. However, the Japanese have some interesting things in their currency. For example, there is a 5 Yen coin which have a hole in it. The problem is, many tourist take it for counterfeit money and drop it. To stay safe, you need to learn this before landing in the Japanese cities.

Google Translate

This is a great translation tool, but don’t expect it to save your neck if you don’t know the local language.  It can help you to get pass by but it’s not the best option out there. If you are travelling to Japan for long, it will be better if you hire a guide who speaks your language. Not only he will help you get around but he will also show you the important places. It will cost you a bit but this is worth every penny.


Another interesting thing you should know before Travelling to Japan is the ATM situation. Most foreign banks are not allowed to introduce advanced features. Besides, you can only withdraw cash at given info.