Airport Transfers can be a lavish experience if you book carefully. There are many transport services offering this accommodation. But to make sure you don’t have a dull experience, you need to be vigilant on your end, don’t be too sharp or dull. Follow these tips to help yourself out.


Book Online

Try to book your airport taxi a few days ahead. Wait for the booking confirmation and keep record of it. In case anything goes south (which is unlikely), you at least have a proof.

Ask for Quotation

Quotations are very important for successful Airport Transfers. Before book, get a fixed quotation. Most companies give you a price but won’t mention the extras like parking and waiting. So, before you hire anything, make sure you learn about all the extra charges.

Meet and Greet

Try to meet the driver in terminal so the driver can assist you with the luggage or grab something if you want. It’s tempting to meet the driver in the drop off area but if you perfect your timing, you may get some extra advantages.

Check the Dates

You can’t be careless with the dates when booking Airport Transfers. It’s easy to make mistakes but you have to watch out how costly can a mistake get. You need to give the exact date, triple check it and book the transfer.  You don’t want to make the appointment too late or early.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Anything

Awkwardness or hesitation with the driver doesn’t make any sense. Sure you met the guy for first time in your life, but let’s get real here, he is there to help you out. So if you need anything during the Airport Transfers, you can ask the driver, stop for a break. The driver will take this opportunity to stretch his legs. So don’t rule it out.