Are you one of those wanting to know how you can get Visa for UK Spouse? You are at the right place here. We are up with a blog post bringing you all the important information about UK Spouse Visa.

The Visa for UK spouse is designed for those wanting to sponsor their partners to live in the UK. The spouse may be proposed partner or civil partner. The one currently living in the UK can also sponsor a visa to their family members to join him/her to live in the UK.


If you want your partner to join you to live in the United Kingdom, a Spouse visa will be required to do so. The sponsoring person is known as sponsor and the one who’s being sponsored by the UK resident is called dependent.  

To apply for the UK spouse visa, your spouse, civil partner or proposed partner will need to apply for the spouse visa outside from the United Kingdom. Your spouse can also apply for visiting visa if she/he is looking to join you for less than six months.

Re-appealing will take around 6 to 9 months if your partners’ application gets rejected. So, it’s highly recommended that you should consider availing immigration services from an expert who knows exactly how it’s done. Doing so will surely help you make it quite smooth and easy.

When it comes to the duration, the UK Spouse Visa lasts for 33 months, which you can renew for another 2.6 years. Your fiancé can stay in the UK with you for up to 6 months.

Your annual income or earnings before tax should be up to a certain amount so that you can sponsor UK Spouse Visa. It should be £18,600 or higher if you want to sponsor your spouse only.

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