Are you on the lookout for new, attractive holiday destinations in Europe? In this article, we have compiled a list of Europe’s hottest destinations that are really worth visiting. Let’s find out what attracts you the most:


Vipava Valley

If you are tired of your routine life and want to unwind your mind and body, there’s nothing better than visiting Vipava Valley. It’s located in the Slovenian Littoral, one of the most famous regions of Slovenia. It’s an ideal place for observing nature from close quarters. There’re a number of outdoor activities you can do there. Wondering where to sleep in Vipava Valley? With a simple Google search, you can easily find the best hotels offering best accommodation at affordable rates.

Corfu Island

Corfu is a beautiful island located in the Ionian Sea. It’s known for its stunning beaches, incredible landscapes, resort-studded shoreline, and soothing climate. If you really want to make the most of your holidays, be sure to visit Corfu during your visit in Europe. There’s so much one can explore and enjoy there. When it comes to Corfu’s top attractions, the old fortress of Corfu and the canal of love are worth seeing.


Paris is the world’s one of the most famous cities, known for its cafe culture, buildings and designer boutiques. It’s the best choice for French and international travel enthusiasts alike. The top tourist attractions of Paris include Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Place de la Concorde, Palais Garnier Opera House and the Bibliotèchque-Musée de l’Opera, Arc de Triomphe, Sainte-Chapelle, Luxembourg Gardens, Sacré-Coeur and Quartier Montmartre, Place de Vosges, Place du Châtelet & Tour Saint-Jacques, and more.

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