Planning to visit the USA in your coming holidays? Don’t know much about the US’s top tourist destinations? You’re at the right place. We’ve gathered some of the best tourist destinations you should visit during your stay in the United States. If your country is part of the US’s Visa Waiver Program, you need to apply for ESTA to ensure a safe US tour. ESTA is an electronic system for travel authorization designed to ensure the safety of tourists travelling to the USA.  It examines travellers’ information and decides the eligibility to travel to the United States of America. Let’s have a look at the US’s best holiday destinations:



If you want to spend some quality time in nature, there’s nothing better than vising Yellowstone. From pristine lakes to dramatic peaks, you can explore nature from close quarters. You must shortlist this place to visit during your stay in the US. It covers an area of around 3,500-sq.-mile and spreads between the parts of Montana and Idaho. It is home to many animal species including wolves, bears, elk, bison and antelope.


Maui is located in the Central Pacific, which is part of the Hawaiian Archipelago. It’s not as small as Lanai, nor is it as big as the Big Island. Overall, it’s a complete package for those who love nature. From intriguing history to impressive wildlife, this place has everything to add an exciting touch to your holidays. You can take part in a number of healthy outdoor activities to make the most of your US tour.  

Grand Canyon

It’s a steep-sided canyon formed by the Colorado River in the United States. It’s 277 miles long, meaning you can take stunning photos with picturesque scenery.  I personally like this place and I am pretty sure that you won’t regret visiting this place.