I just want to share my terrible experience with everyone who is thinking to fly with Emirates. They are a bunch of looters whose job is to steal other’s items through a systematic way. On 13 August I was travelling from Dubai to Bali to spend my holidays. I hadn’t thought of this terrible thing that happened to me at Bali Airport. I received my checked luggage destroyed and some of my expensive items were missing.

Initially, I thought it would be an issue that they will get resolved themselves. But I was totally wrong. Having complained to higher authorities about this, I left for hotel in a hope that they will recover my stolen items.  


Frankly speaking, I didn’t get any reply from them immediately. But after a few days, they responded to my query saying ‘’ Thank you for your report, in connection with the above checked baggage claim. I am concerned to learn from you that, upon your arrival at DPS airport, you discovered that your bag was damaged and your neckless was missing from your bag, and sincerely regret any inconvenience you were put through. Emirates takes all such incident seriously and takes all measures, within its control, to ensure the security of customer’s belongings. The matter has been brought to the attention of Aviation Security and to the Emirates Airport Services Manager in DPS airport for their review and necessary action. On this occasion, we would like to have your cooperation to provide us with the receipt that you hold for such lost item.’’

This was the only reply I got from them. The total amount of my loss is around 3000 USD and it looks like no one from Emirates wants to resolve my issue. The reason why I am sharing my story is to let the world know that they can lose your luggage anytime anywhere.

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