London’s big. Super big. It’s awesome because it means there’s a lot to do so you can squeeze a lot of pretty exciting things to do in London in just one day. You can make it as busy or calm as you like. But, why don’t we give you a bit of help and show you how to really get the most out of London in just one day hours. Our locals have given us some tips and advice on where’s good to go and what’s good to do.

So throw out the dusty guidebook and let’s do London!

10:00am.Let’s Eat.

It’s time for the elixir of life: coffee. Head to Gail’s cafe in Soho for a great cuppa coffee coupled tasty delicacies for breakfast. It’s important to make sure you’ve got enough fuel for the day. Once you’ve filled up on the baked goods, why not get lost in the streets of Soho – there’s even a tranquil square in the middle to catch some rays or read a little.

Galis Cafe

There’s Absolute Vintage if you want something a little more original in your wardrobe and Lazy Oaf for essential accessories. Don’t forget to take yourself to Carnaby St. either where you can pick up all kinds of retro goods. In Soho is also the Photographer’s Gallery which has amazing exhibitions by some really great local photographers – it’s worth a look in!

12:00pm.Art and more art!

Midday. Slowly walk to The National Gallery (which is free by the way) from Soho and see how Claude Monet and his friends are doing. The 18th century room houses some remarkable works by Goya, Turner, Cézanne and Degas which shouldn’t be missed. It would be better with a local artist who can tell you all about the art as you draw together! And if after that you’re still hungry for more, next door you’ve got the National Portrait Gallery, too (and yep, also free!).  And, since you’re nearby it would be a shame not to indulge in a #selfie at Trafalgar Square.

National Gallery - Soho

Say cheese! For anyone who is into a bit of history and politics, there’s Whitehall. Down Whitehall there’s monuments commemorating the war and it leads straight to the home of the Prime Minister – Downing Street!

3:00pm.Shop until you drop

Heading north out of Leicester Square and through Soho, you’ll find yourself in shoppers paradise

Leicester Square

Once you’ve gotten your fix of art in The National Gallery, heading north out of Leicester Square and through Soho, you’ll find yourself in shoppers paradise. Oxford Street. Here you can indulge and spend your pennies in all kinds of shops from Topshop to Urban Outfitters and mega-store Selfridges. It’s definitely worth it but keep in mind it can get busy and Londoners always seem to be in a rush – so walk quickly! You should also stay attentive because pickpockets do operate on Oxford Street. Stay vigilant and you’ll still have a good time. And if you fancy feasting your eyes on some of the most luxury of goods then closeby Mayfair has all the big names you’re used to hearing (we’re looking at you Prada)

6:30pm.Happy hour

A light pre-dinner cocktail never hurt anyone so if you’re still around Oxford Street, head to All Bar One on Tottenham Court Road for drink du jour: the espresso martini. If you want a spectacular view of London with your cocktail then go to Paramount which is in Centre Point. At the top you’ll have unmatched panoramic views of London and the bar is really nice too but be sure to dress a little fancier if you’re heading here!

Happy Hour in Tottenham

8:00pm.It’s dinner time!

In Covent Garden is Creme de la Crepe where you’ll probably find the finest crepes around

Creme de la Crepe

As night begins to fall, it’s time to start considering dinner. If you don’t have the biggest appetite in the world then in Covent Garden is Creme de la Crepe where you’ll probably find the finest crepes around (both savoury and sweet). However, if you’re looking for something slightly heartier – and aren’t we all – then Joe’s Southern Kitchen is gonna deliver. Reasonably priced but exceptionally delicious, it’s southern food in its element. Alternatively, why not try something completely out of the ordinary with a Michelin-trained chef? Imagine that for a story!

11:00pm.Move your body

If you want a fun party after dinner then head to monthly debauchery fest Regression Sessions that is home to crazy music, games and photobooths. This is the place to go if you want to revert to your childhood self with alcohol and space hoppers all night. In a similar vein, the Ministry of Sound has some dance beats that will get your body moving in all kind of shapes. Great for burning of dinner’s calorie intake.  Don’t forget about Alibi if you prefer to listen to something more indie than dance – this place is intimate and small but it packs a punch with its danceable playlists. And for the more sedate amongst us there’s an underground, off the beaten path drinks tour that’s sure to delight.

Let’s hope tomorrow’s hangover doesn’t hurt too much – although it’s nothing a Berocca can’t cure, right?