Finding cheap hotels is a challenge for many tourists and travelers. During trip planning, there are some tips about searching for cheap, low cost hotels around the world.

Avoid high season – Traveling in low and medium seasons is the main factor in finding cheaper hotels. Avoid high season, weekends, and holidays.

Look out for collective shopping sites – See sites that often offer great discounts for choosing a hotel or travel packages.

How to Find Good and Cheap Hotel – Top Tips

Sign up for the newsletters – Subscribe to the newsletters is also good because they are send promotions of cheap hotels directly to your email.

Do not go directly to Google – Always use hotel price compare search engine. You can compare prices of hotels there around the world. In general, hotels that will appear first in Google searches will be the ones that pay for advertising, which are most often used by travel agencies, or the most popular, which are not always the best and / or cheapest.

Book in advance – Reservations that are made, on average, 3 months before the trip will be much cheaper. But if the idea is to travel in high season, consider booking at least 6 months before to get cheaper hotels.

Try to travel with larger stays – Many hotels offer great discounts for 7 nights. Consider staying longer and getting discounts.

Trade – Send e-mail and use the telephone to negotiate prices, especially if you are traveling in a group or family. When negotiating prices in person, avoid packing with you as this will be a sign that, regardless of whether you get the discount, you will be staying.

See last minute hotel deals – Some sites show last minute hotel deals and discount prices. Besides, you can search last minute travel deals.

Loyalty programs – If you travel frequently, always ask if there have loyalty programs at the hotels you stay at.

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