There are many ways for all pockets when there is need to go from the airport of Rhodes to the center of the city.

When disembarking at the modern terminal you can use car, van or bus to go to the city. The taxi has always been expensive, but the good news is that Rhodes Taxi Transfer service has arrived and with it you pay less and reach your destination on time.


Caution with the exchange

Before we talk about the ways to get from the airport to the city center, it is worth leaving the tip so that you avoid making the exchange in the terminal itself. If necessary, change only what is necessary to get to the city center, as there is a difference of almost 20% in the quotation. Even if you use a taxi or van you can pay by credit card at the airport counters.

As you can see, there are several ways to get from Rhodes airport to downtown.

From Rhodes airport to city center by car

Upon arrival you will find the official taxi stations. Just speak the address and the price is already calculated there, and you can pay on the credit card. If you are still planning your trip to city and want to know how much the distance and time will take you to your hotel, use the online calculator of the company that does the transport.

From Rhodes airport to city center by van

An alternative for people who are alone or with few people are the minivans to transport to hotel, with multiple passengers. If they are three people with large number of suitcases, they can choose minivan to travel from Rhodes airport. They will be able to travel with ease and in the same car charges. To know the updated price, consult the company’s website.