So, you’re going to visit UK during your coming holidays, right? Well, it’s a good decision as there’s so much you can enjoy and explore there. But there’re some things you should take into account prior to visiting UK such as where you’re going to stay, what places you should visit, how you can get online using UK mobile data. With this in mind, we are up with a blog post explaining how you can get online using UK mobile data to ensure your online presence.


There’re three options (our recommendations) you can go with – Free Data, Fastest Data and the Best Backup Option. To avail free data, you need to sign up to FreedomPop and it’s all free (except for a little activation fee). You get sufficient data for browsing, email and WhatsApp. You can use your PayPal account to buy this service.

If you’re after using the fastest data network, you should consider using EE. You can also use Vodafone Free SIM as the Best Backup Option. However, one might be confused with lots of other network services claiming to be the best. But it’s not necessary that they’ll deliver you exactly what they advertise.

Before availing any of aforementioned services, make sure your mobile device supports all the frequencies used in UK. Your device should also be unlocked to be used outside your region or country.

Apart from using UK mobile data, choosing the right accommodation is also no less important as going with any novice service provider could spoil your holidays. So, it’s better that you should make things clear prior to making anything final to avoid possible blunder.

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