Traveling to the depth places of this planet is exciting. Of course, in some places you can only see the dark and the magic that only the underground can offer you. Get to know the deepest point on earth, but be sure to bring the lantern.

Located to the east of Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean, the Mariana Trench is the deepest place in the ocean, with a depth of more than 11,000 meters.

Humans have explored the place, reaching the deepest point in 1960.  Now check out some scary truths of this mysterious place:

Mariana Trench

1 – Mount Everest fits in this Mariana trench

The Mariana Trench has so much depth that Mount Everest can fit in this place. While the trench is more than 11,000 meters deep, Everest has 8,800 meters.

2 – The Mariana Trench’ pressure is the same as a truck can carry

The Mariana Trench’ pressure is eight tons / square-inch. A loaded truck can weighs eight tons, so think there’s a truck of this inside you for each square-inch of your body.

3 – Haunted fish

Deep in the Marian trench, there is Barreleye fish (spooky fish). With its head completely transparent, it has a rather unusual appearance. The fish was discovered in 1939.

4 – Dirty floor

The floor Mariana trench is a place full of mud and replete with remains of death. This happens because many who risk reaching the bottom end up dying and their remains end up lying on the ground.

5 – Already a garbage dump

For many years the Marianas Trench was used as a garbage dump. It is estimated that within five years, about 390,000 tons of garbage were deposited there, until then-US President George W. Bush decreed that the site be turned into a national monument.