With the increasing trend of “medical tour”, people who want treatment for hair loss, hair transplant and hair restoration are giving careful consideration to move Cyprus for a better quality treatment and fair cost. However, the costs for hair restoration abroad involve very much competition. Remember that, in Cyprus, you will have to agree to all medical regulations and standards, so check them before getting surgery abroad.


The level of comfort isn’t only very much high in the USA and UK as compared to several other places in the world, but also the prices of general services – in particular the health care services. One easy and cheap way, therefore is to get treated the health issues out of the USA and UK, in the Cyprus wherever the prices of health services aren’t only fair but also the quality of health care services are satisfactory. In the previous few years several people have decided to move from USA and UK to doctors in Cyprus for their health care problems such as, the dental surgeries, hair transplant treatments, skin beauty treatments and other complex plastic surgeries.

As might be expected, hair care treatments are also offered in different countries of the world such as Pakistan, Turkey, Greece, India), however in the matter of such health care services, medical tourism to Cyprus is advisable to keep in the boundary of the European community.

A general truth in the health care services market that, the better the quality of these services is the higher the prices you need to pay. When you have a look at the hair transplant services in Cyprus you will soon reach to conclusion that the prices of this health care sector aren’t linked so tightly to quality– it relies highly on the employee’s wages level. You will have the key difference in the UK and USA and hair transplant treatment in Cyprus.