I am English by birth, but as I grew, I developed a love for the Japanese culture. It was not long till I was putting bread on the table on my own that I made my mind for shifting there. At first, it was a dream, I had so much to learn, and live the Japanese delight as it seemed.

a UK Japan Flag

Soon, I discovered the horrific truth that no matter how attractive it seemed, the Japanese culture was not for me. Once again, I changed my home country by moving from Japan back to United Kingdom. There were many reasons that led to the change of heart and I am mentioning a few of them below. Be sure to check this if you are planning a move there.


We live under the expression that japan is the most high tech country in world. Well, that’s not true by all standards. They still live by hand to paper motto. It means fax is favored over email. Yeah, most companies there still use it.

Another myth I want to bust is the “Starship Trooper Futuristic Toilet”. While many boast this facility, it’s not made available to a staggering 80% of population there. Even though, most homes there don’t have proper heat and insulation. While you can buy a drink from Google Vendor machine with your play app, ATM are not available 24×7 because you need to carry more cash than you think


What I failed to realize before I moved here is that being an island nation, fish is the most easily and readily available meal. I used to live on Pork, beef and chicken back in Kingdom and now I had to put up with Fish for three meals a day. Plus, the fast food joins are not the same as back home.

The Food can be exotic, but let’s face it I am not a guy who can eat seafood for every meal. Another thing that botched up my dream was the Japanese Language. It seemed easy as start but it’s one of the hardest languages in the whole world.