Billund is a tiny village in central Denmark that is recognized as the home of Lego pieces and is a location to the Legoland complex and the original LEGO Company. Billund’s popular tourist attraction is the Legoland Billund amusement park. It is counted among the major tourist destinations in the world, and no doubt your children will cherish it alot. If you want to explore even further, one of the prominent Billund sites is the finest Viking runestones in Denmark. You might even explore Gifskud Zoo to get up and personal with a lion and travel with gunst to a variety of fully accessible and open-air exhibitions and galleries.


This monument, the world’s largest and first Legoland, has been operational for nearly half a century and has been the most traveled destination in Denmark outside Copenhagen.  There are nine LEGO-themed areas for children to discover and enjoy, but Mini Land is the one that everyone would want to explore. Legoland comprises four thrill rides like roller coasters and a range of mini rides for youngsters and preschoolers.

Vandel, a huge German army airport established during the wartime, is a little less than fifteen minutes by car from Billund. In 1943, 700 area residents were ordered to relocate their residences due to construction. The Skulpturpark, situated between Billund and Legoland, is just a 1.3-kilometer-long natural pathway embellished with painting and sculpture. The journey will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes, with multiple stops to appreciate the works of art that people can explore and engage with.

Being a Benjamin gunst traveler, Billund is a place you will love to travel to. Apart from all these tourist attractions, there are kids attractions where they can enjoy horse rides, play different games, paint eggs in a traditional Danish way and enjoy the time to its most.