A new generation of online travel booking is here! It is time to shake up the travel industry. A unique concept, the very first travel-marketplace. We just started with our crowdfunding campaign, and it is going fast… be part of it! Invest now. Airtrotter, a platform where travelers come together. Where travelers are able to plan their ultimate trip day by day on an interactive map. Including sights, attractions, hotels, excursions and more. Our users are able to pick top places to see, add them to their trip and plan the trip they want with recommendations of friends, locals and travel experts.

Our users can choose whether they build their trip from scratch or use a premade trip made by our awesome travel-community. With premade trips, all information is given; sights, attractions, excursions, even affiliated hotels. This way, people are able to book an entire trip without any hassle. The very first online travel-marketplace!

Next to trip planning, we will integrate social functions in a way travelers can interact with each other. See which trips your friends are planning, add friends to your trip, write reviews, add blogs and connect with other travelers. The possibility to interact with locals and friends regarding your travel plans.

Airtrotter allows you to simplify your entire travel booking process by combining multiple tools. Book your trip from the beginning until the end, everything in one place. We make trip planning fun!!


Currently, we are live with our crowdsfunding campaign. Invest now, buy shares and be part of the upcoming hype. Airtrotter; a unique and inspiring company! Invest now!

Don’t just book a destination, book a journey with crowdfund campaign: Airtrotter – The Travel Network