Check here tips on ‘things to do in Crete Greece’. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea and a largest island in Greece with 8336 km2. Crete is the place where the traditions and culture of the ancient world meet the nature and the agitation of the contemporary world. In this regard you will be able to check a list with different tips on what you can do while you are visiting Crete. To better plan your trip; also make sure you check out the weather in Crete.


Elafonisi Beach

Part of a protected nature reserve, Elafonisi is a small island where you can walk across the corals without danger (it is possible to do this path even with children). Located 82 km from Chania, this enchanting beach has alternating white sand with pink and crystal clear waters. It is worth walking along this islet and exploring the vegetation and the small beaches that exist at its extremities. Elafonisi usually gets crowded in high season and there you will find few kiosks. It is allowed to camp in this breathtaking place.

Vai Beach

This beautiful beach, home to 5,000 Palm trees (Europe’s largest palm tree reserve), is 25 km from Sitia and 93 km from Agios Nikolaos. Facing this forest is Vai, a natural beauty with miles of soft sand and blue sea. Open between sunrise and sunset, this tropical beach attracts many tourists, so it gets crowded in the high season. There you will find bars, chairs and umbrellas. Both Vai and Elafonisi are on our list of the most beautiful beaches in Crete. To see the others, click here.

Beach of Balos

There are two means of getting to the most well-known beach on the island of Crete. The first is by a dirt road that will leave you 1.5 km from Balos lagoon (the rest of the route needs to be done on foot). And the second way is to catch a tour boat leaving Kisamos.