Traveling by caravan is a unique experience. It delivers a truly fantastic sense of freedom. It’s like “snail-walking” with the house on your back, and is suitable for adventurers who cherish the comfort of a home. In addition, you do not have to worry about those basic issues: where to sleep, where to eat, where to rest, how to move. The caravan is the ideal option for free, complete and economic tourism.

This post is dedicated to those who have less or no experience in caravan. To be prepared and enjoy the trip to the fullest, we have indicated some important tips for these trips.

Tips for Traveling by Caravan and Caravan Security

Take note of the following things you should know and prepare before you travel in a caravan:

Check the water and gas reserves

It allows you to live a normal life for 2 to 3 days. Calculate your water consumption, taking into account the number of people, for shower, toilet and sink.

Check security of caravan

Even as it is unused, make sure that caravan is left secured is key aspect to keep people safe inside. There are lots of security products; you can use for example wheel clinches and caravan door locks. The caravan lock is used to make sure secure entrance in the caravan while it is not running on road. Keep a look at caravan security products at A-Part Group and see which ones you may need.

Check “household” utensils

If you intend to travel in caravan, make sure that you have bed linen, towels and all necessary cooking utensils. Other items are for example, table, chairs, cushions etc.

Extra costs

If you prefer to plan your caravan trips, then you should count with tolls, vignettes, depending on the location where you go.


On these trips we come across beautiful places and views that are worth keeping and remembering. Camera is must to save beautiful moments.