Thinking about sailing in Turkey? Start your journey by learning all the things you must know and have in mind before taking that beautiful journey spent in this lovely Riviera.

You probably already know that he Turkish Riviera has gained lots of popularity in the past decade, and it’s not by chance. This lovely country, rich with culture, wonderful food and plenty of astonishing landscapes is something that makes it the number 1 destination, especially when it comes to sailing and yachting.  Whether you plan to rent a boat in Turkey or yacht charter in Turkey, we assure you will fulfill your wildest fantasies and will come back home fully relaxed and joyous.

Before going there and start thinking how and where to rent a boat in Turkey, you should read these great tips on the available sailing coasts, also best known as popular yacht charter areas that are waiting for you this season.


Turkey’s sailing coasts – The exotic adventure for chartering a yacht

The most popular coast probably is the Ionian Coast that goes from Izmir to Bodrum through Kusadasi and Gulluk. This one appears to be the yachting area with the best climate that is just perfect for a sailing experience. You will surely catch some great moments on the Ionian philosophers here.

If you are torn between all the information you got on the sailing destinations in Turkey, let me ease this for you: You won’t be wrong if you choose Bodrum or the second yacht charter area – The Carian coast that goes from Bodrum to Marmaris.

Being the largest yacht charter basis in this exotic country Turkey, they will offer you the loveliest experience – whether you choose yacht rental in Turkey or charter a yacht and spoil yourself a bit more. Does your spirit a bit more adventurous? If so, then you won’t be sorry to visit the west Lycian Coast that goes from the lovely Marmaris to Fetihye (a destination for the lovers of scuba diving too). This pirate coast has lovely mountain shores and wild hidden coves that you will probably adore.

The last choice for a sailing coast in the lovely adventurous destination is the east Lycian coast, full with rock tombs, but made for a pure relaxation trip that will fill up your batteries. This coast starts from the untouched Fetihye and goes through the definite must see Kas and the lovely Finike and ends with the lovely and pebbly Antalya.

Don’t forget being demanding when you travel to Turkey and plan your sailing trip. This clear blue sea and the lovely seashore will fulfill your most both deep and crazy fantasies.

Not to forget… did you know where the word ‘turquois’ comes from? You probably wouldn’t guess. The Turquoise coast is the same as Turkish coast – the Turkish name of the lovely turquoise color that warm up your emotions is associated with the shades of the waters in this area.

Chartering a boat or a yacht through

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