Going to UK for the first time? No worries, you aren’t alone. It’s in our nature that we always get excited while visiting any place for the first time. With this mind, we have made it easy for you by helping you make a guess of what you could really observe during your stay in United Kingdom. Below are some useful tips to consider when traveling to UK:

Museums are Free


In UK, most council-owned and state museums are absolutely free to enter. The list includes British museum, Natural History Museum and Science Museum. This is how you could amuse yourself without spending anything.

Whetherspoon’s Chain


It’s everywhere in the UK and you can’t avoid it because they have somehow managed to maintain a distinct, identical feel to each of their outlet. What makes them weird is that they don’t offer any music running in the background. But, they are great at bringing you a huge variety of cool drinks.

Separate Hot & Cold Taps


It might sound you a little weird not having a mixer tap. This is something related with Britain history. You would need to learn a trick to use water coming from two separate taps instead of one mixer.  Really, we still don’t know why this happens.

City Driving is a Challenge


Hiring a car seems to be a great idea if you are after visiting countryside. But if you want to explore the congested urban areas, we strongly suggest you to not hire a private car as you might be stuck with narrow streets and roads. There’re lots other option you could go with like urban transport or taxi services.

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