Us Too, 6 Reasons We Just Can’t Stop! This blog post explains…

Holiday and travel is the ultimate way to unwind. If you have had a horrible month at work, or your family is driving you crazy, a holiday is the perfect excuse to stop the clock and just relaxxxx for a long weekend or couple of weeks.


Whether you are a beach babe or a snowy ski slope bunny, this amazing world has the perfect holiday for absolutely everyone. Here are the six reasons why we just can’t kick our addiction to holidaying!

  1. It is proven by SCIENCE (yes, science!) that people who spend half their life on holiday, or planning a holiday get a happiness hit of dopamine from their brains during the planning process!
    This has its upsides and its downsides, although dopamine gives a great happiness hit and improves your mood, you also get a come down from your brain releasing dopamine. This means that you get a low after your holiday is over! The problem is, the more holidays we have, the duller our real lives seem. No matter, we better book you on your next one!
  2. We just feel so relaxed on holiday. Holiday is the perfect chance to get away from it all and experience exciting new things! Some people find travel stressful, but we never feel more relaxed and at home than when we are on the road.For us, it is as much about the journey as the destination; what’s not to love about watching the ocean from a windswept deck, or looking back at the earth from 35,000 feet. Magical.
  1. Packing is tricky, however when you are as addicted to travel as us you get the knack of packing your whole life into a suitcase. When you have got this good at packing it seems a shame to save it just for business trips. Let’s book a holiday to show off our master packing skills!

    Travel Turkey Balloons Cappadocia Valley Landscape

  2. Travel provides a platform for doing all the crazy stuff you aren’t allowed to do at home! Skinny dipping, windsurfing or horse riding are all things that you might be too conservative to try at home, but when on holiday all those inhibitions go out the window. When you have skinny dipped in all five oceans you can say you are a try travel addict!
  3. Travelling alone can be so liberating, yet travelling with family can provide the perfect time for bonding time and much needed catching up in our busy lifestyles. Whoever you decide to jet off with there is no wrong decision, we love both (we better have two holidays!)
  4. Finally, there are so many different types of holiday available out there, from backpacking to package holidays, to good old English camping trips, we just can’t get enough of any of them! With so many places to explore, we just can’t help being travel addicts!