A yacht charter trip can be a fantastic travel experience. This is the travel dream of many people! Increasingly, people are choosing the yacht charter as an option for the holidays in Greece.

The trip with yacht charter in Greece for a holiday can be a very affordable, but you have to know how to spend, and you can invest in other, more important things during a trip. Learn a lot of strategies to save money here.


Browse yacht charter deals

Use all available tools to compare prices for example internet, visit agencies etc. Do not forget to also check directly with the yacht companies (on the website). Compare prices for the same itinerary in different yacht charter companies.

Choose a short yacht

There are mini yachts for 3 days, 5 days! You may choose a 3-day yacht. A great price! And yet, it may be cool that it left a little of that shopping atmosphere.

Off-season yachting

Outside of the season, it is usually a bit cheaper. If you have been going to some other destination on vacation, it is worth checking the yachts.

Choose the cheapest yachts

Inside cabins are the cheapest on a yacht. All have private bathrooms. In addition, the lower the deck (deck of the yacht), the cheaper. These cabins do not have a balcony. The room was between 12.3-13.2 square meters. Know the layout before you book!

Do not make paid yacht tours

Some Yacht charter companies offer paid tours at the destination. You can choose to just go down and find the place in your own way. It is much cheaper and can be equally fun. You can just walk around in your own way.

Do not make phone calls and do not use the internet on the yacht

The price of such services during tour is absurd. And, furthermore, the internet is very slow. You’re going to have more anger than you can connect.