One may be thinking about what’s actually happening in the cooking unit. Basically, it has a diesel burning element, different than that of a gas fuel cooking unit. Simply, you ignite and control its flame with a little dial control.

But in diesel cookers, the burner is inside and the glass on the top absorbs the heat and you need to place our pot or pan on the glass surface to absorb heat from. Mostly, it uses a glass on top for heat transfer but still there’re quite a few materials to absorb and transfer heat to your pan and consequently the cooking experience on this unit is not as other cooking stoves with instant flame control.

The Diesel Cooker


It takes more time to be able for cooking as it has to first heat-up the glass-top. It needs around 4 minutes to start a flame inside and after that some more minutes for heating up the glass-top. The process to boil water needs more or less 15 minutes. In the early days, it’s a big frustration, but you sooner or later get used to it while using it for cooking. You just press the button once you’re all set for cooking.

Controlling the heat for cooking is set using a dial-control and also by changing the position of pot or pan on the glass-top. But it needs some time to respond on glass-top. Therefore, the simplest method to control the temperature is just to move your pots further away or closer from specific area on glass. And in so doing the temperature is considerably adjustable. You certainly should buy a quality diesel cooker, because, in travel, you need to take heat from glass-top, or else you may have to face poor cooking experience while away from home. The key benefit of diesel cooker is that it uses same fuel as your vehicle uses.