Lipa cave as a new attraction is relatively an innovative destination for any tourist in Montenegro. It is a new destination and a meaningful visiting, particularly for people searching an excellent private location!


This cave is in Lipa village at the distance of 5 km from Cetinje, the capital city of Montenegro. From cave location, you can see the sights of Belvedere, a delightful Skadar Lake valley. It’s a best cave, full of natural beauty and most precious cave in Montenegro. It is also known as the biggest and most natural cave all over the Europe.

There, you can enjoy the sights of quite a few interesting hallways and porches and a complete prosperity of Cave beauty. Underground running water and other aspects are enhancing its beauty of natural and increasing its attractiveness further for individual events.

The Lipa Cave has got membership of ISCA and also achieved the special rank in the organization, position in ISCA board of directors. The board membership is an outstanding owner of his cave.

The Lipa Cave Montenegro is only one cave exploration in Montenegro providing a delightful diversity of limestone landscape features to offer the visitors an exclusive experience of this underground cave. The cave’s natural beauty comes from its authentic wild and natural condition that puts long-lasting impressions and makes the tour an excellent adventure.

The Petar II and King Nikola I, two writers who wrote a lot about Montenegrin history and they first wrote about the beauty of this cave.

These days, this cave is open for an impressive experience with highly experienced local guides corresponding to better environmental management standard. Enhance your short time visit to Montenegro by planning a personal presentation or performance, even a meeting within this gorgeous cave.

The Lipa Cave, new destination and an exciting journey in whole nature will let you to enjoy the beauty of true underground world.