Have got tired of visiting the same places again and again? This time, you should change the route by choosing a whole new, adventurous place to add more taste to your fun time. Whether you live on the south coast or in Scotland, there’re lots of stunning sites out there, where your whole family can get the most out of their free time.

We have gathered some of the best places where you and your family members can spend a great time together without any possible disturbance. Lets’ have a look at them:

Dreamland, Margate


As its name implies, it’s really a dreamland. Suitable for both kids and adult, it’s a complete package for all family members wanting to have some recreation outside. After spending a huge amount of £18m on restoration and renovation, this Victorian amusement park features all the latest modern day rides. I personally love those twirling tea cups. So, shortlist this place if you haven’t already visited this amazing place.

Chester Zoo Islands – Cheshire


The Chester Zoo has been opened for public after getting a major overhaul. It brings you the natural feel of Papua, Panay, Sumatra, Bali, Sulawesi and Sumba, with exotic birds, carnivorous plants, and the last but not least Sunda Gharial crocodile. Visit this place to surprise your kids on their special day.

New Forest Aqua Park – Hampshire


What about having fun with water? New Forest Aqua Park is UK’s one of the leading outdoor aqua parks, combining see-saws, thrilling slides, ice tower and even trampolines. Spend your day out in open sky. Other famous attractions include – water skiing, wake boarding and fishing.

Have I skipped any of your favorite one? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.