Traveling is very tasty, but there is one particular moment that no one enjoys. Have you ever wondered what it is? Right! It is the time to pay the bill.

Anyone can travel, no matter what the destination is. Everything is a matter of planning, feet on the floor and a dash of ‘art’.

It is practically an art to be able to travel well and cheap, this is however the desire of everyone. Some are more demanding with the lodging, others with the food; anyway, following the tips below you will be able to make the most of your vocational trip cheap in Italia!

Tips to Save a lot Money on Your Vocational Trip to Italy

  1. Saving with rental car

There are several ways to economize during the trip when it comes to car rentals, the first and most basic is to see it merely as a means of transportation, no matter the make and model. Outside you do not need ‘status’.

Another tip about car rental is that in Italy the price of fuel is totally free, you can find gas stations at €1.89, others at €1.63. It is always cheaper when you serve your own fuel, do not be afraid as it is extremely easy!

  1. Italian mobile phone chip

When arriving in Italy, on the first or second day, go to TIM and ask for a SIM card for your cell phone.

The cost of the chip is €5. If you will pay €10 and you will have 1 month of free internet (500MB / week), enough to be in contact with everyone via email, Skype, MSN, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

  1. Private rental accommodation

It is must have during any long vocational trip. No matter in which city you are, you can get private vacation owner rentals in Italy easily and cheaply. You don’t need to search anymore, only call a private rental service that has contacts all over Italy.