Weddings in India are a sacred event, but that is with relation to only the rituals. The reception is considered an extravagant event. You must have heard the term ‘Big fat Indian Weddings’.  These Indian weddings consist of different cuisines and are a chance to show off one’s richness and pomp. Hence, many people seem to spend a lot of money on the wedding attire to the décor. So sometimes doing it all becomes a mammoth task and the only solution to it is to hire a wedding planner.


There are different categories of wedding planners, but we are very reasonable and can handle any kind of wedding. Our aim is to make this affair for you tension-free and one of the most memorable wedding for all your relatives and friends. Weddings in India come with a lot of responsibilities, like purchasing sarees for all the women guests and other gifts for men etc. Return gifts for all the guests, who come for the reception.

Indian weddings are an expensive affair, but the physical work involved also may make you look dull and tired for your daughter’s or son’s wedding. On the contrary, it is the most important day for you to look good after your wedding day. But that’s not the case because of all the running about you need to do right from inviting the guests to selecting the invitation card. If you hire us, we’ll take care of everything.

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We will sit down with you and discuss every aspect of your wedding, right from helping you to select your wedding invitation card to buying gifts for your guests. Primarily, we discuss the theme, for that purpose we bring our portfolio and show the various themes we have worked on, themes involve color schemes too or you can offer your own suggestions. We never think we are perfect, that is what makes us popular, as we listen carefully to all the needs and requirements of our clients.

Based on this information, we’ll get wedding cards for you from different vendors for your approval. If you are still not satisfied, then we’ll get a second round of cards. Our staff are quite friendly and never get tired of your requests. Your request is our command.

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We help you with the accommodation for your guests too, as in Indian weddings lot of relatives are expected and even if you forget 1 of them, then you are in for a taunt every now and then. So it’s always better to make a list of your relatives and friends and we can send them the invitation. Give us the approximate count and we’ll help you with the arrangements for their stay. For this purpose, also, we show you our portfolio and you can choose the hotel of your choice as per your liking and budget. As you may very well know that in all 5-star hotels, different types of rooms are available, you need to book it as per the guest.   If the guest is a bachelor, he will need only a single bed and vice-versa.

Take our help and your wedding will be long cherished for by your guests.