To choose the place in Marbella, Spain without haste and to be attentive to the inspection and the adjustments, there are some of the suggestions:

  1. Research the best property with patience

The instability of the real estate sector, motivated by the economic phase of the country, has guaranteed many offers. So, do not rush to choose the property that best fits your routine. A broader search also enables better bargaining power for rent.

Renting Property in Marbella, Spain

  1. Identify your financial condition

Before signing the contract, do the math. Do not exceed 30% of the family income. It is important to keep a spare budget for clothing, food, transportation and leisure expenses.

  1. Analyze the situation of the property

Find out if the landlord is actually the owner of the property. It is possible to have the confirmation requesting the registration of the property to be rented or the agreement of purchase and sale of the same.

  1. Choose the property that presents the best guarantee

Throughout the rental, the homeowner may require only one form of collateral. Among the most common in the market, are: the use of guarantor – which has zero cost to the lessee, the deposit bond and the surety bond.

  1. Survey before you pick up the keys

The visual inspection, which identifies the defects with the naked eye, must be done before the keys are delivered. But, always be aware: some contracts tend to be very generic, claiming that the whole property is in perfect condition. It is advisable, therefore, to survey using photos and videos, identifying all holes in the wall, scratches on floors and even problems in locks, doors and windows. Remember to save all the material until the return of the property.

  1. Engage a reliable rental company

While searching and signing a rental agreement, it is always better to engage long term rentals in Marbella.